Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Space Debris in Satellite Policy and Space Movies

Space debris is a common theme in both satellite policy and space movies. In this episode of On Orbit, Henry Gola, a partner in Wiley’s Telecom, Media & Technology practice, discusses regulation and space movies. Wiley is a well-known law firm in the satellite industry, and Gola has been instrumental in major regulatory developments such as representing the C-Band Alliance during the FCC’s efforts to reallocate the C-band for 5G.

Gola, who started his career in journalism and worked at ESPN, shares his journey as a satellite policy expert. He sheds light on the top policy issues currently being addressed by the FCC. Specifically, he delves into the regulatory framework for satellite-to-cell coverage and the FCC’s “Single Network Future” initiative.

Adding an interesting twist to the conversation, Gola also discusses his podcast series called Hosted Payload on the Wiley Connected podcast. In this series, Gola and an industry policy expert watch space movies and engage in discussions. Movies such as “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Gravity” are among Gola’s favorites. He highlights how these movies have contributed to raising awareness about important issues like space debris.

Overall, this episode explores the intersection of satellite policy and space movies. Gola’s expertise in satellite policy and his role in major regulatory developments make him a valuable source of information. Through his podcast series, Gola brings attention to the role of movies in educating and creating awareness about the challenges faced in space.