Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
A Potential Solution for High-Risk Newborns and Mothers

A proposal has been put forward to establish a “satellite maternity facility” at the QEII medical precinct in Nedlands, Western Australia. This idea is being considered by Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson as a possible alternative to building a new $1.8 billion maternity hospital at Murdoch, which has faced opposition from doctors and mothers.

The proposed satellite facility would cater specifically to high-risk newborns and their mothers, providing the necessary medical care and support. By locating this facility at the QEII medical precinct, it aims to address the concerns raised by those who are opposed to the Murdoch site.

This decision comes amid growing controversy surrounding the planned maternity hospital at Murdoch. While some believe that the new hospital would bring improved healthcare services to the area, others argue that it would be more beneficial to invest in existing facilities like the QEII medical precinct.

By considering the establishment of a satellite maternity facility, the government aims to find a compromise that meets the needs of all stakeholders. This alternative could potentially alleviate the concerns of doctors and mothers who are worried about the location of the new hospital.

Further details about the proposed satellite maternity facility, such as its capacity and services, are yet to be revealed. However, the government’s willingness to explore alternative options demonstrates its commitment to finding a solution that ensures the wellbeing of high-risk newborns and their mothers.

It remains to be seen how this proposal will progress and whether it will receive support from the medical community and the public. The government will need to carefully consider the various factors involved before making a final decision on the best course of action.