Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Ingham County, MI – EF-2 Tornado Leaves Visible Scar on Satellite Images

Last month, Ingham County in Michigan experienced the devastating impact of an EF-2 tornado. The National Weather Service Grand Rapids Office recently released satellite images revealing the scar left behind by the tornado. These images showcase the area surrounding I-96, where the tornado touched down on August 24th.

The EF-2 tornado, with maximum estimated wind gusts of 125 mph, traveled a distance of 12 miles. The majority of the tornado’s path, over 10 miles, occurred in Ingham County, moving from Williamston to Webberville. The European Space Agency captured before and after photos, highlighting the destruction caused by the tornado.

Notably, the images reveal the clear evidence of the tornado’s path as it approached I-96 from the southwest, crossed the freeway, and continued southeast. Meteorologists from the National Weather Service observed the tornado scar on the satellite images, stating its visibility both prior to and after crossing the interstate.

One fatality and three injuries were reported as a result of this tornado. The destruction caused extensive damage to vehicles, including overturning cars and semi-trucks on the freeway, as well as impacting homes, farms, and other structures. This tornado was one of six that occurred during severe storms on that day in the area.

The satellite images, captured by a polar-orbiting satellite operated by the European Space Agency, provide a visual representation of the impact and devastation caused by the EF-2 tornado in Ingham County.