Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Storm Lee Causes Flooding and Power Outage in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Canada experienced the impact of Post Tropical Cyclone Lee on September 16, resulting in significant flooding and widespread power outages. According to Nova Scotia Power, nearly 130,000 people were left without electricity during the storm.

Lee made landfall on Nova Scotia’s Long Island at around 4 pm AST on Saturday, as confirmed by the National Hurricane Center. This resulted in high winds and heavy precipitation throughout the region. Environment Canada issued wind warnings for the Maritimes region, with gusts reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h. Additionally, a Hurricane Watch was issued for various counties, including Halifax, on Friday prior to the storm’s arrival.

Carrie Ryan captured the impact of the storm in a video, showing flooding occurring along Nova Scotia’s South Shore on Saturday. The video is a testament to the intensity of the storm and the damage it caused in the area.

The authorities and utility companies are working around the clock to restore power to the affected areas. Residents are advised to stay safe and take necessary precautions during this challenging time. It is crucial to heed warnings and follow instructions given by local authorities to ensure personal safety and minimize the impact of the storm.

The extent of the damage caused by Storm Lee and the subsequent flooding is yet to be assessed. But, it is evident that the storm has had a significant impact on the region, leaving thousands without power and causing damage to properties and infrastructure. The cleanup and recovery process will take time, and the community will come together to support one another during this challenging period.