Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Satellite Images Show Possible Wind-Down of Russian Mercenary Base in Belarus

Satellite images of a military base southeast of the Belarus capital Minsk suggest a dismantling of tents in recent weeks, possibly indicating the winding down of the base for Wagner, the Russian mercenary company involved in an abortive mutiny. The fate of Wagner’s mercenaries has been uncertain since the death of their boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and his top lieutenants in a private jet crash on August 23.

The images, taken on July 25, August 25, and September 9, and provided by Earth imaging company Planet Labs, show a gradual dismantling of tents in the Tsel military base in the Mogilev region. However, the exact nature of these changes in the camp has not been independently verified by Reuters.

Wagner, known for its involvement in various conflicts, had launched a brief mutiny against the Russian army top brass in June, an act that was condemned as treason by President Vladimir Putin. Subsequently, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko invited Wagner to establish operations in his country as part of a deal to end the mutiny.

While the recent satellite images indicate a potential scaling down of the base in Belarus, more information is needed to determine the significance of these changes. It remains unclear whether the dismantling of tents indicates a complete withdrawal or a strategic repositioning of Wagner’s forces.

Overall, the fate of Wagner’s mercenaries and the future of the company in Belarus remains uncertain at this time.

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