Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Satellite Images Suggest Winding Down of Russian Mercenary Base in Belarus

Satellite images of a military base southeast of the Belarus capital Minsk indicate the dismantling of tents in recent weeks, possibly signifying the winding down of the base for Wagner, the Russian mercenary company involved in an abortive mutiny.

On August 23, Wagner’s leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and his top lieutenants died in a plane crash under unexplained circumstances, leaving the fate of the mercenaries uncertain. Satellite images of the Tsel military base in Mogilev region, taken on July 25, August 25, and September 9, show a gradual dismantling of tents in the camp. However, the nature of these changes in the camp cannot be independently verified.

In June, the Wagner group launched a brief mutiny against the top brass of the Russian army, which was declared as treason by President Vladimir Putin. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko extended an invitation to Wagner to operate in Belarus as part of a deal that brought an end to the mutiny.

It remains unclear whether the dismantling of the tents suggests a complete withdrawal of Wagner forces from the base or a transition to a different operational mode.

Other factors, such as the death of Prigozhin and ongoing geopolitical developments, may also have influenced the decision to wind down the base. As of now, further details about the situation at the base are unknown.

The satellite images provide an intriguing glimpse into the activities at the military base, but the exact reasons behind the dismantling of tents and the future plans for Wagner in Belarus require further investigation.

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