Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Last Road Into Icelandic Town Collapses Amidst Earthquakes

All roads leading into the town of Grindavik, Iceland, have been closed as a result of a series of earthquakes. The Icelandic Met Office reported around 900 earthquakes since midnight on Monday. This comes after several days of high seismic activity in the area.

In response to the increased risk of a volcanic eruption, residents of Grindavik were asked to evacuate the town on Friday. Emergency officials had been using Nesvegur road to access the town, but the road has now suffered extensive damage and is no longer passable.

The Icelandic Road Administration confirmed the collapse of the road, west of Grindavik, due to the seismic activity. As a result, the town is completely cut off from the outside, with no access routes available.

The ongoing earthquakes have caused significant concerns for the safety of the townspeople. Assessments are being made to evaluate the overall stability of the area and to determine the risk of further damage or volcanic activity.

The situation in Grindavik is being closely monitored by the authorities, who are working to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Efforts to repair the road and restore access to the town are underway.

More updates on the situation in Grindavik will be provided as new information becomes available.