Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Thousands Displaced and Lives Lost as Floods Devastate Eastern Libya

On September 10, extensive flooding caused by a Mediterranean storm named Daniel wreaked havoc in eastern Libya, leading to the tragic loss of thousands of lives and displacing over 40,000 people. The catastrophic event demolished entire neighborhoods, leaving devastation in its wake.

To aid emergency response efforts in the affected areas, Maxar Technologies, a technology company, has made the satellite imagery data publicly available through its Open Data Program. This data serves as valuable support for first responders, including organizations like Team Rubicon, the Red Cross, and various nonprofits. It can be seamlessly integrated into their workflows, helping them assess the situation accurately and coordinate their response effectively.

The city of Derna and other regions in eastern Libya were hit particularly hard by the flash floods triggered by the storm. The National Meteorological Center of Libya had issued warnings about storm Daniel 72 hours in advance and promptly notified all government authorities via email and media platforms, urging them to take preventative measures. Despite these efforts, the sheer intensity of the flooding proved overwhelming.

The availability of Maxar’s satellite imagery data will allow emergency response teams to gain vital insights into the extent of the damage caused by the floods. This information can be instrumental in identifying areas that require immediate assistance and aid in formulating strategies to mitigate the aftermath effectively.

With the support of technology and collaboration among different response organizations, efforts are underway to provide relief and support to the thousands affected in eastern Libya.