Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Ukraine Strikes Russian Naval Assets in Crimea

According to satellite imagery, Ukraine has successfully struck two Russian Navy landing craft in Chornomors’ke, northern Crimea, dealing a significant blow to Russian naval assets. The destroyed vessels include one Project 11770 Serna Class and one Project 1176 Ondatra Class, which are crucial components of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and have played a key role in the ongoing conflict.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) has confirmed the success of the strike and highlighted its significance. In an official statement, the GUR specifically mentioned that the targeted vessels were the Project 11770 Serna Class and Project Ondatra Class landing craft. This showcases Ukraine’s tactical precision and the gravity of its impact on Russian naval capabilities.

Footage released by Ukraine’s GUR demonstrates the technological prowess of Ukraine’s military, as naval drones precisely hit multiple Russian landing craft at the site. The destruction witnessed in the satellite imagery reflects the precision and effectiveness of the strikes.

The Project 11770 Serna class landing craft, one of the targeted vessels, has been instrumental in Russia’s occupation strategy, particularly in the annexation of Snake Island. These craft have been consistently used for the transportation of military equipment and personnel, often carrying armored vehicles such as the BTR-82.

While further details of the strike are not available, the successful operation signifies Ukraine’s capability to target and incapacitate Russian naval assets in the region. This development could have significant implications for the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.