Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Satellite Hunting: Exploring the Secrets of Space

Space exploration has traditionally been the realm of nations, with the enormous resources required to launch objects into space. Satellites, in particular, have often been shrouded in secrecy due to their classified nature, unknown orbits, and hidden communication protocols. However, unraveling the mysteries of these satellites is a challenge many are eager to take on.

Scott Tilley, a seasoned satellite hunter, has been on a quest to track down and uncover the secrets of these orbiting objects. His adventures have been chronicled on the Riddles in the Sky blog and have caught the attention of the Hackaday community. Recently, Tilley put his skills to the test by listening in on a solar observation satellite as it approached Earth once again.

In an effort to tap into Tilley’s wealth of knowledge, Hackaday will be hosting a live Hack Chat session. This virtual trip into orbit will delve into the techniques and tools used to locate and decipher the transmissions of satellites, both long-lost and intentionally hidden.

The Hack Chat will take place on Wednesday, September 20, at 12:00 PM Pacific time. The session will be held in the Hackaday.io Hack Chat group messaging platform. For those in different time zones, a convenient time zone converter is available to help coordinate participation.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of satellite hunting, uncovering the secrets of these elusive objects orbiting high above us. This Hack Chat promises to be an enlightening adventure into the depths of space.