Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Sonography Facility for Pregnancies Introduced at SR Goyal Satellite Hospital in Jaipur

The SR Goyal Satellite Hospital in Jaipur’s Sethi Colony area has recently introduced the facility of sonography for pregnant women. This development comes after a news report by TOI on August 28 highlighted the issue of pregnant women being asked to go to other hospitals for sonography.

Previously, the hospital’s Rs 25-lakh sonography machine was not used for pregnant women due to the absence of a registered radiologist, as required by the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) rules. However, the hospital has now arranged a radiologist and registered him under the PCPNDT Act, ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Under the PCPNDT Act, the registration of the radiologist or gynaecologist using the sonography machine is mandatory to prevent the misuse of the machine for illegal foetal sex determination. To monitor the sonographies performed by the machine, an active tracker has been attached to keep a record of all procedures conducted at the center.

The SR Goyal Satellite Hospital had previously acquired a modern color doppler sonography machine worth Rs 25 lakh, but lacked regular staff to operate it. With the registration of the radiologist now complete, the hospital has begun offering sonography services to pregnant women.

Dr Govardhan Meena, the Medical Superintendent of SR Goyal Satellite Hospital, stated, “We have now started the facility of sonography for women with pregnancies. We applied for the registration of the radiologist with the Chief Medical Health Officer, and the registration process is now complete.”

The hospital, which provides gynaecology services and delivers babies, faced limitations in offering pregnancy-related sonography services without the necessary registration of a radiologist or gynaecologist under the PCPNDT Act. With the recent implementation of the facility, this issue has been resolved, ensuring comprehensive healthcare for pregnant women in the area.

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