Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Otsego County Clerk Candidate Announces DMV Satellite Services

Jennifer Basile, a candidate for Otsego County clerk, has announced the establishment of Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) satellite services in the county. Basile, who has been working on this initiative for over a year with the support of department heads and county board members, expressed her pride and excitement in bringing these services to the people of Otsego County.

The satellite services will be located at 242 Main Street in Oneonta, in a building owned by the county. However, approval from the state and budgetary considerations are still pending. State approval can take six to 12 months, as indicated in the disclaimer on a sign displayed by Basile.

Both Basile and her opponent, MacGuire Benton, have expressed their desire to increase DMV services in the county following the closure of the Oneonta DMV office in 2020. Basile believes that reopening the Oneonta DMV office is not feasible and has instead focused on the establishment of a mobile DMV program as a solution. Benton, on the other hand, sees the creation of a mobile DMV program as a way to address service gaps in rural areas.

Basile has secured a shared office space in Oneonta to operate the mobile DMV program. She has gone through the proper channels, presenting her proposal and budget to the county Public Safety and Legal Affairs Committee. The committee did not raise any objections to her plans, and the costs associated with the satellite DMV space are included in the administrator’s tentative budget.

Basile clarified that the satellite services refer to her mobile DMV program, which aims to assist as many customers as possible without incurring additional expenses such as rent. She has been consulting with county officials regarding security issues and equipment costs.

While Benton and his supporters have accused Basile of using the announcement as a last-minute campaign ploy, county officials assert that she has followed the necessary procedures and that her announcement was expected. Basile’s proposal has been approved pending budget approval, and she has been actively engaged in planning since September 2022.

In conclusion, Basile’s announcement of DMV satellite services in Otsego County is the result of her year-long efforts and collaboration with county officials. The establishment of this mobile DMV program aims to provide convenient services to the residents of the county.