Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Satelites Starlink En Route to Orbit, Expected to Pass Over Poland

Starlink satellites from the G7-6 series will once again appear over Poland. Their seventh pass is expected to be long and highly visible throughout the country. According to the Nocne Niebo portal, the weather conditions are favorable, and there is a high chance of seeing the bright points of light as they make their way to orbit in every corner of Poland.

On Saturday, November 4th, the Starlink satellites will appear over Poland at 17:46 and will be visible for approximately 8 minutes. They will create a stretched string of light points moving from west to east.

An animation available on the Nocne Niebo channel will facilitate the location of their passage. It shows the trajectories of the Starlink satellites from the G7-6 series from the perspective of 49 Polish cities.

Starlink is the largest constellation of communication satellites consisting of over 5,000 objects, with more than 4,000 of them being active. SpaceX continues to expand its infrastructure, and the successive series of Starlink satellites create distinctive strings of light points in the night sky.

Placed in low Earth orbit, these satellites are designed to provide increasingly efficient and reliable internet connectivity to people on Earth. While 21 satellites from the G7-6 series are nearing the end of their journey, SpaceX has already launched another train of satellites. On November 3rd, the Falcon 9 rocket carried a group of 23 satellites in the Starlink G6-26 mission.