Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Government Promises Satellite Broadband to Rural Areas

Michelle Donelan, the UK Science Secretary, has promised that hard-to-reach rural areas will gain access to state-of-the-art satellite broadband in the coming months. Recognizing the concerns that isolated areas are experiencing limited internet services, Donelan aims to bridge the digital divide by providing rural homes and businesses with the technology they need for growth.

Speaking at the Conservative conference, Donelan announced the allocation of £60 million towards a regional innovation fund. This cash injection aims to support rural areas almost immediately, facilitating innovative projects and economic development. In addition to this, Donelan pledged an extra £8 million for scholarships in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), granting 800 more individuals an opportunity to excel and solidify the UK’s leading position in AI safety.

Addressing the issue of sex and gender in scientific research and statistics, the Science Secretary launched a review into the use of related questions in public bodies. Donelan emphasized the importance of protecting scientific integrity and allowing the scientific community to carry out their work effectively. The review aims to provide robust guidance within six months, ensuring that science is free from biases and political correctness.

Donelan’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and supporting scientific research reflects the government’s dedication to rural development and maintaining scientific integrity. By providing satellite broadband to rural areas, the government hopes to unlock the potential of these communities and ensure equal access to opportunities. The investment in AI scholarships and the review on sex and gender in scientific research further showcases the UK’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology and scientific advancements.