Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
An RSF Initiative: Launching the Svoboda Satellite Bouquet for Russian-Speaking Audiences

In the coming weeks, an RSF (Reporters Without Borders) initiative will see the launch of the Svoboda satellite bouquet. This dedicated satellite broadcasting service aims to provide independent news and information to Russian-speaking audiences. With the name “Svoboda” meaning “freedom” in Russian, this initiative represents a significant step forward in the quest for unrestricted access to information in a region where media freedom faces numerous challenges.

The Svoboda bouquet will serve as a platform for Russian-speaking viewers to access a wide range of independent journalism and international news. The primary goal is to foster a more informed and diverse media landscape by offering comprehensive and objective views on global events.

To ensure the highest journalistic standards, RSF will oversee the playout of content for Svoboda. They will establish specific media and ethics committees to guarantee that the satellite package operates according to the best standards in terms of journalism.

Eutelsat, a trusted provider of satellite services, will contribute its expertise in satellite broadcasting capabilities to ensure that Svoboda reaches its intended audiences. This partnership will help overcome the barriers faced by independent media outlets and ensure the dissemination of unbiased information to Russian-speaking viewers.

By launching the Svoboda satellite bouquet, RSF and its partners aim to empower Russian-speaking audiences with a diverse range of news and information sources. This initiative strives to counteract the limitations on media freedom in the region, allowing for a more democratic and informed society.

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