Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Ripley Satellite Hospital Opens to Public, Easing Pressure on Ipswich Hospital

Ripley Satellite Hospital has officially opened to the public, offering urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses. This new facility aims to provide an alternative to the busy Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department, saving patients from long waits and unnecessary trips.

The hospital features a Minor Injury and Illness Clinic that operates seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm. The clinic caters to people without appointments, providing treatment for a range of common injuries and illnesses. This includes strains, sprains, broken bones, minor head injuries, infections, rashes, eye issues, cuts, burns, toothaches, earaches, and fevers.

In addition to the Minor Injury and Illness Clinic, Ripley Satellite Hospital offers a variety of specialized services. These include paediatric care, obstetrics and gynaecology, maternity and antenatal care, gerontology, diabetes and endocrine treatment, oral health, BreastScreen, mental health support, and medical imaging services. The hospital is equipped to handle up to 800 outpatient appointments every week.

The opening of the Minor Injury and Illness Clinic at Ripley Satellite Hospital is expected to alleviate pressure on the Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department. It provides a convenient option for the community to seek treatment for unexpected injuries and minor illnesses, reducing the strain on emergency services.

This is just the first phase of development for Ripley Satellite Hospital. Plans are already underway for the construction of a 90-bed sub-acute facility adjacent to the satellite hospital. Next year, a $710 million expansion project will begin at Ipswich Hospital, adding 200 new beds to better serve the region’s healthcare needs.

The Minor Injury and Illness Clinic is open to all, and the service is free for Medicare cardholders. For more information, visit the West Moreton Health website at