Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
The Qiniq-Starlink Partnership: A Broadband Revolution in Nunavut

Qiniq, the internet service provider in Nunavut, has taken a different approach to meet the increasing demand for reliable internet in the region. Rather than competing with other providers, Qiniq has partnered with Starlink to bring a broadband revolution to Nunavut.

The availability and widespread adoption of Starlink highlight the urgent need for change in the internet landscape in Nunavut. As Dean Proctor, the chief development officer of Qiniq’s parent company SSi Canada, emphasized in a presentation to the Rankin Inlet’s hamlet council, the partnership with Starlink demonstrates the clear and desperate need for improved connectivity in the region.

By joining forces with Starlink, Qiniq aims to address the long-standing challenges of providing fast and reliable internet access in Nunavut. The partnership is expected to bring about a significant transformation in the broadband infrastructure, overcoming the limitations and improving the overall internet experience for residents.

With this collaboration, both Qiniq and Starlink intend to bridge the digital divide by making high-speed internet more accessible and affordable in the remote communities of Nunavut. The broadband revolution promises to revolutionize various sectors, including education, healthcare, business, and communication, empowering residents with enhanced opportunities.

The Qiniq-Starlink partnership marks a significant step towards achieving the long-awaited broadband revolution in Nunavut. As the collaboration progresses, it is expected to provide better internet access for the residents, facilitating economic growth and social development in the region.

This groundbreaking initiative showcases the willingness of Qiniq and Starlink to work together for the greater benefit of the community. It sets a shining example for other regions facing similar internet challenges, inspiring them to explore innovative partnerships and solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality internet connectivity.