Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
North Korea Seeks Technological Assistance from Russia for Satellite Launch

North Korea is seeking technological assistance from Russia in order to launch its satellites as part of its space ambitions. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, met with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, at Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia’s main spaceport, to discuss increased cooperation between the two nations.

During the meeting, Putin stated that the purpose of holding the meeting at the Russian spaceport was to collaborate on future launches, indicating Russia’s willingness to help North Korea with its space program. Kim Jong Un has expressed the need for assistance in developing North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellites, which he believes are crucial for enhancing the threat of their nuclear-capable missiles.

In exchange for Russia’s help in developing these satellites, North Korea has agreed to continue supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, it should be noted that the contact information, sources, and exact quotes have been removed from the original article.

North Korea has faced difficulties in launching spy satellites, with two failed attempts this year alone. The country’s first military reconnaissance satellite was intended to monitor the military activities of the United States. The White House condemned the launch, stating that it violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions and posed a risk to the security situation in the region.

Currently, North Korea has two satellites in orbit, but neither of them are spy satellites. Additional information and images have been removed from the original article.