Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
President Marcos Seeks Partnership with Starlink to Improve Internet Connectivity in the Philippines

President Marcos of the Philippines has expressed interest in partnering with US technology giant Starlink to address the issue of slow internet connection in the country. During a tour of the SpaceX facility, Marcos acknowledged the benefits of American technology in enhancing connectivity and productivity.

The President highlighted that the Philippines, with its vast archipelago of 7,000 islands, is an ideal candidate for satellite broadband service. He expressed confidence that through partnerships with companies like Starlink, the country will no longer experience complaints about weak internet signals, but instead receive praise for the speed of its connectivity.

The tour was attended by SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX Vice President Lauren Dreyer, and Philippines’ Information and Communications Technology Secretary Ivan Uy. Marcos emphasized the importance of adopting new technologies to meet the challenges of digitalization, stating that the necessary technology is already available.

The Philippines has faced criticism for its slow internet services, despite being known as the social media capital of the world. In the Worldwide Broadband Speed League, the country dropped to 86th place out of 220 countries and territories, with an average download speed of 43.36 Mbps.

President Marcos expressed hope that discussions with businesses, including Starlink, would lead to significant improvements in internet services in the country. He highlighted that Starlink’s satellite internet has the advantage of reaching hard-to-reach areas without extensive infrastructure.

Furthermore, Marcos mentioned the existence of a communications satellite specifically designed for the Philippines, which will enable the country to capitalize on available technologies. Additionally, an agreement was signed between Philippine and US companies, Astranis and Orbits, to launch microGEO satellites, named ‘Agila,’ that will provide connectivity to 10 million people and 30,000 barangays, generating numerous jobs and a substantial investment over the next eight years.

President Marcos remains committed to leveraging new technologies to overcome the challenges of the digital era and enhance internet connectivity in the Philippines.