Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Union Minister Kiren Rijiju meets Governor of Arunachal Pradesh

Union Minister of Earth Sciences, Kiren Rijiju, met with the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Lt. KT Par-naik (Retd.), at Raj Bhavan in Itanagar on Saturday. The meeting focused on using the latest advancements in science and technology for developmental initiatives.

During the meeting, the Governor highlighted the significance of utilizing satellite data to improve agricultural and horticultural productions. He also emphasized the importance of monitoring infrastructure development, such as roads, and observing areas prone to landslides and floods.

The Governor requested the Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Kiren Rijiju, to assist and facilitate the state government in obtaining real-time data. This data will be instrumental in making informed decisions and implementing effective measures for development and disaster management.

By utilizing satellite data, the state government can monitor the progress of various developmental projects and ensure timely interventions when necessary. This will help in enhancing the overall infrastructure and agricultural productivity of Arunachal Pradesh.

The meeting between Union Minister Kiren Rijiju and Governor KT Par-naik reflects the commitment of the government towards leveraging science and technology for the betterment of Arunachal Pradesh. By applying the latest advancements in various sectors, the state can achieve sustainable development and mitigate the impact of natural disasters.