Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Orange Launches Satellite Broadband to Expand Superfast Connectivity in France

Orange, one of the leading telecommunications providers in France, has announced the launch of satellite broadband as part of its technology mix. This new offering aims to provide superfast connectivity to customers who are not eligible for fiber and those with slower ADSL speeds.

The satellite broadband service is marketed through Orange’s distribution channels and is operated by Nordnet. It is targeted towards customers in mainland France who do not have access to fiber and have ADSL speeds of less than 8Mbps.

Jean-François Fallacher, executive vice president and CEO of Orange France, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of Orange Satellite with Nordnet, stating that it is a significant step towards achieving widespread superfast broadband coverage throughout France. He emphasized that Orange is proud to offer a range of connectivity options, including satellite, 4G and 5G Home, fiber, and ADSL, to cater to the diverse connectivity needs of the French population, even in remote areas.

This satellite broadband offer aligns with the French government’s Cohésion Numérique des Territoires (Digital Cohesion of Regions) program, which aims to ensure that all citizens have access to superfast broadband with speeds exceeding 30 Mbps by 2025. By expanding its technology mix to include satellite, Orange is contributing to the government’s objective of guaranteeing universal access to high-speed internet.

With the introduction of satellite broadband, Orange is expanding its reach to customers who were previously underserved in terms of connectivity options. This move not only improves internet access for individuals but also contributes to bridging the digital divide in France.