Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Orange Launches Satellite Offer to Compete with Starlink

Orange has launched a satellite offer in France to rival Starlink, the American company owned by Elon Musk, which currently has 5,000 satellites. The new offer, available since November 16th, allows Orange’s residential customers in mainland France to access high-speed internet, no matter where they are located, for €49.99 per month.

This offer is particularly beneficial for subscribers who are not eligible for fiber optic internet or who have a slow ADSL connection. They can now access an internet service provided by Nordnet, a subsidiary specializing in satellite internet for the past 15 years.

Customers have the option to purchase the Satellite Kit for €299 or rent it for €8 per month. Additionally, there is an installation option available for €299, which includes a one-year warranty.

Orange’s satellite offer aims to bring reliable and fast internet connectivity to areas where traditional internet infrastructure is lacking. It provides an alternative solution for those who have limited access to high-speed internet, improving their digital experience and enabling them to fully participate in the online world.

By expanding its service offerings, Orange is addressing the digital divide in France and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to benefit from high-quality internet access, regardless of their geographical location.

This initiative reflects the growing competition in the satellite internet market, with companies like Starlink and Orange positioning themselves to provide internet coverage to remote and underserved areas. As technology advances, satellite internet is becoming a viable and efficient solution to bridge the digital divide and bring reliable connectivity to all.