Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
New Satellite Communication Kits to Enhance Disaster Response in the Philippines

The state disaster agency in the Philippines is optimistic that newly acquired satellite communication kits will improve the government’s timely reporting and disaster response during calamities and emergencies across the country. The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Administrator, Ariel Nepomoceno, stated that the 22 portable satellite communication kits provided by Diversified Financial Network Inc. (DFNN, Inc.) will enhance the capability of field responders to provide accurate information on casualties, damage, and deliver essential services to affected communities.

The communication devices, known as “SpaceX Starling” kits, utilize the latest satellite technology and can operate in rural and remote areas. Nepomoceno expressed gratitude for the donation, emphasizing that it will strengthen the communications capability of the OCD, disaster risk reduction and management councils, and local governments throughout the Philippines. The kits are designed to be low maintenance, have low operational costs, and can be easily deployed due to their mobility and portability. They can be operated by a single person and have the capacity to provide high-speed internet for virtual conferences and video calls.

These satellite communication kits will undoubtedly contribute to improved disaster response efforts in the Philippines. Their ability to quickly transmit accurate information and deliver essential services will significantly aid field responders in providing timely assistance to affected communities. With their technological capabilities and ease of use, the kits are expected to enhance communication systems across the country, particularly in rural and remote areas where connectivity may be limited.