Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Northrop Grumman Makes Progress in Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission

Northrop Grumman Corporation, a prominent aerospace and defense technology company, has achieved significant milestones in its Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM). This mission is designed to enhance high-speed communications in the Northern polar region for the US Space Force and Space Norway.

One important achievement is the successful completion of thermal vacuum tests for the company’s two-satellite constellation. These tests simulate the harsh conditions of space and help ensure the satellites’ readiness for deployment. Each satellite is equipped with a Ka-band payload for ViaSat and an X-Band payload for the Norwegian Ministry of Defense.

Additionally, the satellites will host the Enhanced Polar System Recapitalization payloads for the US Space Force. These payloads aim to enhance secure and jam-resistant communications capabilities for the US military within the region.

It is worth mentioning that Northrop Grumman’s ASBM project aligns with the growing demand for reliable and high-speed communications in the Arctic. Given the increasing strategic importance of this region, such capabilities are crucial for effective military operations, scientific research, and commercial activities.

As the company continues to make progress with its Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission, it is expected to play a vital role in enhancing connectivity and communication capabilities in the Northern polar region.