Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
North Korea Notifies Japan of Planned Satellite Launch

North Korea has informed Japan of its intention to launch a satellite between Wednesday and December 1. This could be its third attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit, which would violate a UN ban. The North has given notice of the launch in the direction of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea. Previous attempts to launch spy satellites this year have failed, but South Korean officials believe that North Korea is likely to try again soon.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned the planned launch and stated that Japan’s defense systems were prepared for any unexpected situation that may arise. Kishida emphasized that using ballistic missile technology to launch a satellite is in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and has significant implications for national security. Japan, along with the United States and South Korea, will strongly urge North Korea to reconsider its plan.

South Korea’s defense ministry is closely monitoring the situation. Previous launches took place in the early hours of the first day of the launch window, and it is possible that the upcoming attempt will be successful. North Korea considers its space and military rocket programs a sovereign right and plans to develop a fleet of satellites to monitor the movements of US and South Korean troops.

The notice of the satellite launch comes after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia’s space station in September, where President Vladimir Putin promised to assist Pyongyang in satellite development. In response to the potential US sale of missiles to Japan and South Korea, North Korea denounced it as a dangerous act and vowed to strengthen its deterrence.

South Korea’s military has demanded that North Korea cancel its satellite launch plan, considering it a provocative act that threatens security. They argue that North Korea has repeatedly violated a 2018 agreement by launching missiles and flying drones, and are currently reviewing the possibility of suspending parts of the agreement. The United States has also increased readiness against North Korea’s missile and nuclear threats, with the arrival of the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in South Korea. Furthermore, South Korea plans to launch its first reconnaissance satellite with the assistance of the United States on November 30.