Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
North Korea to Attempt Third Launch of Military Spy Satellite

North Korea has informed Japan of its intention to make a third attempt to launch a military spy satellite in the near future. The notice specified that the satellite launch will take place between Wednesday and November 30. The North’s previous two attempts ended in failure. The areas where debris from the rocket carrying the satellite may fall were also identified, with two being located between the Korean Peninsula and China, and the third in the Philippine Sea. Japan’s coast guard has been coordinating with other countries and distributing maritime safety information in East Asia. South Korea has warned North Korea to cancel its launch or face consequences, including the suspension of a 2018 inter-Korean agreement to reduce tensions. The United Nations Security Council has banned satellite launches by North Korea due to concerns that they are cover for missile tests. North Korea claims it needs a space-based surveillance system to monitor its rivals, but South Korea believes the launches are aimed at enhancing its long-range missile program. North Korea has conducted about 100 missile tests since last year, as part of its efforts to modernize its arsenal of nuclear-capable weapons.