Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Russia Looks to North Korea for Ammunition in its Conflict with Ukraine

Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine has created a high demand for ammunition, and one potential source is North Korea, a heavily militarized country. According to Kim Dong-yup, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies, Russia is likely to receive bullets, shells, and old missiles from North Korea.

North Korea is believed to have a significant stockpile of artillery shells and rockets, with estimates reaching tens of millions. This surplus is due to the fact that North Korea has not been involved in any wars since the Korean War concluded in 1953. Despite the potential transfer, Professor Kim asserts that providing older munitions to Russia will not diminish North Korea’s defense capabilities, as its recent military parade showcased their armed forces equipped with new weapons.

It is worth noting that Pyongyang’s firearms are largely based on Soviet weapons systems, making North Korean munitions compatible with Russia’s existing arsenal. This compatibility further enhances the possibility of acquiring ammunition from North Korea.

While the article did not provide specific details on how Russia and North Korea will facilitate this ammunition exchange, it highlights the potential cooperation between the two countries in meeting Russia’s ammunition needs for the conflict with Ukraine. This alliance, if realized, could significantly impact the dynamics of the ongoing conflict.

It is crucial to mention that this information is based on analysis and speculation, and there may be geopolitical and diplomatic considerations that could affect the likelihood and feasibility of such an ammunition transfer.