Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Analysts Express Concerns Over Russia-North Korea Deal

The recent summit between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un has brought about speculation on what Russia stands to gain from the deal, with some suggesting weapons and ammunition to aid in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. However, experts warn that the implications for U.S. national security are even more concerning.

One significant aspect of the deal is the potential transfer of Russia’s advanced satellite technology to North Korea. Analysts fear that this technology could enable Kim Jong Un to realize his anti-Western global ambitions in space, which is becoming an increasingly important domain in modern warfare. This is especially concerning given North Korea’s ballistic missile arsenal.

Anthony Ruggiero, former counter-proliferation director on the White House National Security Council, points out that the combination of Russian space and satellite technology with North Korea’s ballistic missiles raises concerns for Washington. The capability to successfully launch and operate spy satellites would give Kim Jong Un a significant advantage, particularly for military and intelligence-gathering purposes on the Korean peninsula and potentially against U.S. allies like South Korea and Japan.

During Kim’s visit to Russia’s space launch center, Putin promised assistance with satellite technology. This aid comes as North Korea plans to launch its first spy satellite, further heightening concerns. While Russia has publicly stated that it would only provide general satellite technology, experts argue that Pyongyang could easily weaponize this technology and incorporate it into its nuclear weapons program.

The worry is that North Korea’s existing nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles would be rendered operational with the help of Russian satellite technology. Currently, these missiles would not function properly in space due to extreme temperatures and radiation. However, if North Korea acquires the necessary technology from Russia, it could potentially pose a threat to the United States.

The sharing of strategic weapons technology violates United Nations sanctions, which aim to restrict North Korea’s access to such technology. Experts argue that this potential agreement between Russia and North Korea undermines these sanctions and opens up avenues for further advancements in North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

In conclusion, while concerns over Russia’s involvement in Ukraine persist, it is the implications of its deal with North Korea that raise greater concerns for U.S. national security. The transfer of advanced satellite technology to Kim Jong Un could significantly enhance North Korea’s military capabilities, posing a threat not just to its neighbors but also to the United States.