Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Aggregating Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G, and Ethernet Backhaul for High-Density Wi-Fi at Events

Convergence in the world of technology has brought forth various solutions, and one of the most promising ones involves the aggregation of Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G, and Ethernet backhaul to provide high-density Wi-Fi at conferences and events. Event WiFi, a UK-based event connectivity provider, has spearheaded this solution in partnership with technology provider Peplink. The successful deployment and demonstration of this solution took place at WWC Brighton in May.

Organizing high-performance Wi-Fi for events can be challenging. Often, existing Wi-Fi installations at hotels and conference centers are inadequate to handle a large number of Wi-Fi users. One of the major hurdles is acquiring sufficient backhaul bandwidth, which can be non-existent or excessively costly at some venues.

Event WiFi and Peplink collaborated to address this issue. They utilized Peplink technology to aggregate backhaul from LTE, 5G, and existing Wi-Fi networks. As a result, world-class event Wi-Fi was delivered at WWC Brighton.

Adam Steadman, CEO of Event WiFi, explains the effectiveness of this approach: “We’ve found that making use of all available backhaul at the venue and aggregating it is the most effective way to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi for events. This not only leads to better and more robust Wi-Fi services for participants but also allows for quick and easy deployment.”

At WWC Brighton, Steadman utilized Peplink’s ‘SpeedFusion’, which offers hardware with integrated multiple connectivity options. The solution has two modes: bonding cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet backhaul together for higher speeds or aggregating and smoothing backhaul tributaries for improved resilience and reliability.

The versatility of this solution is highlighted by Steadman’s mention of alternative sources of backhaul, such as Starlink terminals, as well as the ability to aggregate multiple cellular or satellite links. Originally designed for transportation systems like metro rail, this technology has proven valuable for events and other applications.

Event WiFi also recommends Peplink’s FusionSIM technology, which allows event Wi-Fi operators to remotely provision and manage SIM cards. This enables them to choose the cellular operator with the best coverage and service at any given location. FusionSIM can be used in conjunction with the SpeedFusion solution.

The solution deployed at WWC Brighton demonstrated the adaptability and effectiveness of this approach, catering to three days of conferencing and numerous connected attendees. By aggregating various backhaul options, Event WiFi and Peplink have paved the way for seamless and reliable high-density Wi-Fi at events.