Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Satellite Internet Providers in Africa, Europe, and Oceania: Q2 2023 Analysis

Satellite providers are playing a significant role in the global expansion of internet connectivity. Experts predict a substantial increase in the number of satellites orbiting the Earth by 2030. In Q2 2023, Ookla® conducted an analysis of satellite internet providers in Africa, Europe, and Oceania, including Starlink, Viasat, and Skylogic.

The analysis included Net Promoter Score (NPS) data for Starlink users in France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. NPS measures customer loyalty and satisfaction. Starlink users in these countries had significantly higher NPS scores compared to the aggregate score of all fixed broadband providers.

In terms of download speeds, France and New Zealand had faster median speeds among fixed broadband providers compared to Starlink. However, Starlink had higher NPS ratings in these countries. Germany had the lowest NPS rating among fixed broadband providers and a comparable NPS score with Starlink. Italy and the United Kingdom also showed higher NPS ratings and faster median download speeds for Starlink.

Notably, Starlink users in these countries may have more positive experiences because they reside in rural or remote regions with limited broadband options. Starlink consistently provided speeds over 100 Mbps in 14 European countries during Q2 2023. The speeds remained stable or improved in most countries, with a few exceptions.

While Starlink remains the leading satellite provider in terms of performance, it faced some challenges in the past year due to increased demand. However, these concerns seem to have been addressed in most of Europe during Q2 2023.

Overall, Starlink had comparable or better download speeds compared to fixed broadband providers in several countries. Quarterly download speeds for Starlink remained stable in most countries and even increased in some. Skylogic, though slower than Starlink, showed improved broadband speeds in Italy over the past year.

The rapid growth of satellite internet providers, along with upcoming projects like Amazon’s Project Kuiper and the EU’s satellite constellation, demonstrates the continuous development in this market.