Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
New Cambodian Navy Base in Ream to Accommodate Large Chinese Warships

Satellite images have revealed that the new navy base being built by China in Ream, Cambodia is much larger than initially stated by Cambodian officials. The expansion suggests that the facility will have the capacity to dock large Chinese warships, including aircraft carriers.

The Cambodian navy does not currently possess vessels of this size, making the construction of such a large base a notable development. The satellite photos indicate that China’s military presence in Cambodia is expanding, raising concerns among neighboring countries and international observers.

The size of the new base suggests that it could serve as a strategic outpost for China to project its naval power and extend its influence in the region. It also raises questions about Cambodia’s growing alignment with China, as the country becomes increasingly dependent on Chinese investments and economic support.

The construction of the base has been a cause for concern among some analysts who see it as part of China’s efforts to establish a network of military bases across the Indo-Pacific region. These bases could potentially be used to support China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and enhance its ability to assert control over vital sea routes.

The presence of large Chinese warships in Cambodia’s new navy base could have significant implications for regional security dynamics and raise tensions with neighboring countries, particularly those with competing territorial claims in the South China Sea.

As China’s military presence in the region continues to grow, it will be important for countries in the Indo-Pacific to closely monitor these developments and assess their potential implications for regional stability and security.