Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Standardized Products and High-Volume Manufacturing Revolutionize Satellite Industry

MDA Ltd., a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the global space industry, has unveiled details about its new software-defined digital satellite product line at the World Satellite Business Week conference. This move comes as the market shifts from analog to digital software-defined satellites, paving the way for improved constellation performance at reduced costs and faster time to market.
The transition from analog to digital satellite solutions offers significant benefits to satellite operators. It allows them to enhance performance while simultaneously reducing time, cost, and complexity in their Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation networks. MDA’s digital satellite technology has proved to be a game changer, delivering three times the number of beams compared to analog solutions. Companies that invest in satellite innovation and infrastructure, like MDA, are at the forefront of this transition.
Telesat, the operator of the revolutionary LEO constellation Telesat Lightspeed, has chosen MDA as its prime satellite contractor. MDA is developing a fully integrated portfolio of modular digital products and components for space-based communication solutions. As the anchor customer, Telesat’s selection affirms the effectiveness of MDA’s digital satellite technology.
To meet the increasing demand for digital satellite technologies, MDA is introducing a new software-defined digital satellite product line. This line includes standardized and modular software-defined satellites, a regenerative on-board processor, digital beamforming-enabled arrays, and an innovative constellation software suite. These features optimize performance, increase capacity, and improve power efficiency.
Moreover, MDA is leveraging advanced high-volume manufacturing capabilities to produce two satellites per day. By reducing production costs and schedules, this approach allows for a more efficient delivery process. The rise of software-defined satellite orders is evident, with nearly 26,000 expected within the next decade. Satellite manufacturers are working to accommodate the growing trend by focusing on high-volume production, lower costs, and standardized offerings.
With this new direction, MDA continues to be a pioneer in the space industry. Its commitment to innovation and infrastructure development positions the company as a key player in the digital satellite revolution.