Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
A North Korean Delegation Receives Technical Information in Russia

A recent North Korean technical delegation has traveled to Russia to obtain technical information about satellites, according to a high-ranking source in North Korea. The delegation consists of around 20 technicians and scientists from the National Aerospace Technology Administration who are staying in Russia to receive technical assistance with satellites.

The source clarified that the delegation has already resolved issues related to the launch vehicle on their own, and their technical solutions are currently being reviewed at a higher level. This indicates that North Korea has managed to stabilize the technology for the rocket engine and for entering orbit without help from Russia.

The source further revealed that North Korea is engaging in technical cooperation with Russia in the areas of communications equipment, signal processing systems, and high-resolution imaging technology. This indicates that North Korea is seeking to enhance its capabilities in military and aerospace technology.

The reason for the delay in launching the satellite is North Korea’s determination to launch an advanced satellite that is capable of high-resolution photography of enemy positions and transmitting that information to the ground. This implies that North Korea is aiming to improve its surveillance capabilities.

During a summit at Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that Russia came to the aid of North Korea’s rocket engineering aspirations, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un showed great interest in rocket engineering and space development.

The failure of previous satellite launch attempts has led to a sense of caution within North Korea, as there is a strong desire for the third launch to be successful. The decision to launch the satellite will be made by higher authorities, and the timing remains undisclosed. The North Korean technical delegation currently in Russia maintains active communication with government officials.

Overall, North Korea’s engagement with Russia highlights its efforts to advance its satellite technology and collaborate with Russia in key areas of military and aerospace technology.