Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
North Korea Preparing for Military Spy Satellite Launch, Says South Korean Defense Minister

North Korea is making preparations for the launch of its military spy satellite, which could take place within a week, according to South Korea’s Defense Minister Shin Won-sik. The launch may occur before South Korea’s own reconnaissance satellite launch on November 30.

Shin revealed that South Korea and the United States are closely monitoring North Korea’s movements and that the preparations for the launch are underway. It typically takes about a week to transfer the engine from the test site to the launch site, assemble the launch pad, and inject the liquid fuel necessary for the launch.

The defense minister also mentioned that North Korea has likely resolved its engine problems with assistance from Russia. In the past, North Korea has made unsuccessful attempts to put a reconnaissance satellite into orbit.

The launch of the military spy satellite is of great interest to the allies because its success would signify an advancement in rocket technology that could potentially be weaponized. It is important to note that North Korea is prohibited from using any ballistic missile technology under the sanctions resolutions set by the United Nations Security Council.

The United States is particularly concerned about this development, as reconnaissance satellites have the potential to significantly improve North Korea’s surveillance capabilities and potentially challenge the advantage held by the allies.

While the expected deadline for the satellite launch was missed, it is clear that North Korea is actively pursuing its plans. The country recently observed a “missile industry day” to commemorate the anniversary of its test-firing of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile.

As tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula, the international community will closely monitor North Korea’s activities, especially regarding its missile and satellite programs.