Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
North Korea May Launch Military Spy Satellite Within a Week

South Korea’s Defense Minister, Shin Won-sik, has revealed that North Korea may launch its military spy satellite within a week. This information is based on intelligence gathered on the North’s preparations. The launch could potentially occur before South Korea’s own satellite launch on November 30.

According to Shin, both South Korea and the United States are closely monitoring North Korea’s movements. He stated that preparations for the launch are underway and it takes approximately a week to complete the necessary steps, such as moving the engine to the launch site, assembling the launch pad, and injecting the liquid fuel.

Shin also mentioned that the North is believed to have received assistance from Russia to address its engine problems. In previous attempts in May and August, North Korea failed to successfully put a reconnaissance satellite into orbit.

The launch of a military spy satellite by North Korea is of great concern to the allies, as it indicates an advancement in rocket technology that could potentially be weaponized. It is worth noting that North Korea is prohibited from using ballistic missile technology under U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions.

The United States, in particular, is closely watching the situation due to the significant impact that reconnaissance satellites can have on North Korea’s surveillance capabilities. It could potentially challenge the current advantages held by the allies.

It is important to mention that North Korea missed the expected November 18 deadline for the satellite launch. This has raised questions about the progress and timing of their plans.

Overall, the launch of a military spy satellite by North Korea carries significant implications for regional security. The international community will continue to closely monitor the situation and its potential impact on the balance of power.