Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Current Program Widget

The current program widget is designed to display information about the current program being aired. It has a responsive layout, with each item displayed in a vertical column.

The widget includes a play button, allowing users to listen to the current program. The play button is positioned below the program information for easy access.

The program information includes details such as the program title and the current timeslot. The program title is displayed in bold, while the timeslot is displayed with regular font weight. Both the program title and timeslot have a small amount of padding on either side.

The widget has a dark background color, which helps to make the program information stand out. The text color is white, which contrasts well with the background color.

The widget does not include any border or overlay effects on the program image. The program image is displayed at full width, fitting to the width of the widget.

In conclusion, the current program widget provides an attractive and user-friendly way to display information about the current program being aired. Its responsive layout and easy access to the play button make it a convenient tool for users to stay updated with the current program schedule.