Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Elon Musk: A Biography of the Turbulent Tycoon

A highly anticipated biography of Elon Musk portrays him as a man driven by childhood demons, with a strong obsession for bringing human life to Mars. The biography, titled “Elon Musk,” is written by the renowned biographer Walter Isaacson, known for his best-selling portrayals of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci.

While much of Musk’s early life, including his abusive father, is already well known to the public, the book reveals previously unknown details about his recent life. Isaacson had fly-on-the-wall access to Musk, providing insights into his everyday life. One notable incident described in the book is how Musk personally disrupted a plan by the Ukrainian military to carry out an operation in Crimea by denying Starlink internet access. Musk later clarified via Twitter that Starlink was not yet operational in Crimea at the time of his decision.

The biography also delves into Musk’s tumultuous relationship with Twitter and his struggle to revive the platform’s fortunes. It highlights his vindictive tendencies towards doubters and critics, including firing employees who criticized him after he acquired Twitter. Additionally, the book mentions how Musk made controversial decisions, such as moving critical servers to cut costs, resulting in major outages.

Isaacson’s biography also reveals that Musk has 10 children, including a previously undisclosed child with his on-and-off partner, Grimes. The book has received mixed reviews, with praise for its reporting but criticism for prioritizing revealing anecdotes over a critical analysis of Musk’s actions.

Overall, “Elon Musk” offers an in-depth look into the life of one of the most influential figures in the technology and space exploration industries, shedding light on both his successes and flaws.