Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Julau MP Aims to Provide Internet Access to Longhouses with Starlink Satellite Broadband

Julau Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Larry Sng has expressed his hopes of providing Internet access to longhouses in his constituency through the installation of the Starlink satellite broadband. Sng revealed that about half of the approximately 600 longhouses in Julau currently do not have Internet access.

To address this issue, Sng plans to sponsor the installation of the Starlink system in these longhouses. The cost of installation is relatively affordable, at slightly over RM200 per installation, which will be shared among all the occupants of a longhouse. Sng emphasized the importance of wireless connectivity for both children’s education and communication among adults.

The Starlink satellite broadband, operated by SpaceX, offers high-speed broadband at a lower latency compared to regular satellite broadband services. It utilizes low earth orbit satellites to provide efficient connectivity.

During the Kapit Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners’ Association (KCROA) Mooncake Celebration, Sng mentioned that the Starlink installation is one of the two plans he has for his constituency in the coming year. The other plan is to increase the incentives for students entering institutions of higher learning under his ‘Larry Sng Education Fund’ from RM500 to RM700 per recipient.

Sng aims to provide additional financial assistance to cover students’ registration fees, transportation expenses, uniforms, and other related costs. He acknowledged the rising cost of living and intends to support students pursuing higher education.

As part of his commitment to the local community, Sng also announced a donation of RM5,000 to the KCROA during the event.