Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Morpheus Space Releases Journey Space Mobility Software

Morpheus Space is unveiling their space mobility software program, Journey, at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany. This marks an important milestone for the company as it is their first software product launch. The software is expected to revolutionize the space industry by enabling a new way of designing, simulating, and operating satellite missions.

Founded in Germany in 2018, Morpheus Space initially focused on producing miniature electric thrusters. However, they have since expanded their presence in the United States and broadened their business scope. With the release of Journey, Morpheus Space aims to tap into the growing demand for space mobility.

Journey offers a range of functionalities to assist customers in mission planning. It helps determine the satellite’s design, orbital placement, and the number of satellites needed for a mission. Additionally, the software helps customers identify propulsion systems that meet their requirements, including Morpheus Space propulsion.

Engineers spent approximately two years developing the Journey platform, which guides customers through every step of the mission planning process. It simplifies satellite mission design and analysis by connecting advanced engineering models with a user-friendly interface. The overall goal of Journey is to make space more accessible by lowering barriers to entry and improving safety in space operations.

Journey is designed to cater to both NewSpace companies and industry veterans. It is a valuable tool for any company planning to send something into space or operate in space. With the release of this software, Morpheus Space hopes to contribute to the evolution of the space industry and reshape the way satellite missions are conducted.