Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Syracuse Community Centers Now Home to Satellite Libraries

Many residents of Syracuse are familiar with the various branches of the Onondaga County Public Library. However, what some may not know is that there are also satellite libraries located in community centers. Both the northeast and southwest community centers have their own satellite libraries, providing additional resources for the community.

According to Jackie Bleich, the Branch Manager of Syracuse NE Community Center Library, the satellite libraries are particularly beneficial for individuals who frequent the community centers as part of their daily routines. She stated, “There are people that come to the center as part of their programs, so the senior center they come here every day as a part of their program. So that way they don’t have to travel to go to their nearest library, it’s pretty much at their doorstep.” This convenience allows individuals to access library materials without having to travel far from the community centers.

In addition to serving as a library, the community centers also provide essential services and career skills training. They also have designated spaces for seniors and pre-k kids, making them inclusive spaces for various age groups.

Brian Fey, the Executive Director of the Northeast Community Center, expressed his enthusiasm for having a library on-site, stating, “Part of that project is having a library on site which is a fantastic resource for our neighbors because it’s not just that they have that we’re standing in right now, they literally have the space of the entire library system.” Despite the limited space, the satellite libraries make the most out of their resources. They even offer online assistance for those in need.

As satellite libraries, patrons have the option to order books from other branches within the OCPL system. This allows individuals to access a wider range of materials and resources. The satellite libraries also offer various programs, such as puzzles and knitting, for patrons to participate in and engage with the community.

The satellite libraries aim to reflect the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the community centers. They serve as community spaces, providing individuals with a place to gather, connect with others, and explore new resources.