Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Domestic Phone Manufacturers to Support Satellite Call Function

It has been announced that more domestic phone manufacturers in China are expected to introduce satellite call functionality by the end of this year. This technological advancement has primarily been developed by Huawei in collaboration with China Telecom. The introduction of this feature will require other domestic phone makers to obtain patent licenses and pay associated fees.

Compared to traditional terrestrial signals, satellite calls have an advantage in terms of concurrent communication capacity. However, the challenge of communication capacity may arise as more phone manufacturers implement satellite call functionality in their devices.

At present, China Telecom holds the exclusive right to operate the Tiantong-1 satellite. This means that users in China need to purchase a Telecom phone card in order to utilize the satellite call function on Huawei Mate 60 Pro. It is expected that the involvement of additional domestic phone manufacturers will expand access to this feature and potentially result in more affordable options for consumers.

The integration of satellite call functionality in smartphones opens up possibilities for improved communication in areas with limited or unreliable terrestrial network coverage. This advancement could have significant implications for industries such as transportation, remote logistics, and emergency services.

With Huawei taking the lead in developing this technology, other domestic phone manufacturers are looking to follow suit to cater to the growing demand for satellite call-enabled devices. This development will undoubtedly enhance the overall convenience and accessibility of satellite communications for users within China.

Overall, the introduction of satellite call functionality by more domestic phone manufacturers is expected to revolutionize communication capabilities and further advance the accessibility of satellite communications in the country.