Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
MGM Resorts Discloses Cybersecurity Issue

MGM Resorts International has announced that it is currently dealing with a cybersecurity issue that has affected several of its systems, including its main website, online reservations, and in-casino services such as ATMs, slot machines, and credit card machines.

The company discovered the cybersecurity issue recently and immediately launched an investigation. In response, they took prompt action to protect their systems and data by shutting down certain systems. As a result of this incident, the computer systems in the resorts are currently down, and the company has switched to manual operations.

The main website of MGM Resorts is currently offline, and customers are advised to make hotel reservations over the phone. Customers who are part of the MGM Rewards program have also been impacted, and they have been instructed to call a Member Services number for assistance.

All MGM websites using the same domain name as the main one have also been offline for some time. Visitors to these websites are directed to call a phone number for further assistance.

Reports indicate that some guests have experienced issues with their room keys, and the slot machines in the casinos are temporarily unavailable. The MGM Rewards app is no longer functioning, and members are advised to seek assistance from the front desk.

The exact nature of the cybersecurity incident has not been publicly disclosed, and the purpose of the attacker remains unknown. This is not the first time MGM Resorts has faced a cybersecurity incident. In 2019, the company experienced a breach of one of its cloud services, resulting in the theft of more than 10 million customer records.

MGM Resorts is actively working to resolve this issue and restore normal operations. Updates on the situation will be provided as more information becomes available.