Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
MDA Awarded $180M Contract for Satellite Engineering

MDA, a leading satellite technology company, has received a $180 million contract from an undisclosed customer to commence the engineering of a non-geostationary constellation of 36 satellites. This contract highlights the growing demand for MDA’s products and services in the satellite industry.

If MDA successfully progresses with the project, they could potentially become the prime contractor for the constellation next year, which would significantly increase the value of the deal. This marks the second customer order for MDA’s new software-defined satellite design, further demonstrating the demand for the company’s innovative products.

To meet the increasing demand from constellation customers, MDA is actively expanding its production facilities in Montreal. Their goal is to have the capacity to produce two satellites a day, showcasing the scale of their operations and their commitment to fulfilling customer orders.

One of MDA’s key customers, Telesat, has chosen their latest spacecraft product for its proposed low Earth orbit (LEO) Lightspeed broadband constellation. This partnership solidifies MDA’s position as a key player in the satellite industry and highlights the company’s ability to secure significant contracts.

With the growing demand for satellite platforms and services, MDA’s contract wins and expansions emphasize the company’s strong position in the market. As they continue to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions, MDA is well-positioned to meet the needs of their customers and play a vital role in the future of satellite technology.