Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
MDA Begins Work on $130.9 Million Satellite Constellation Contract

MDA, a Canadian robotics, satellite systems, and geointelligence company, has announced that it has started working on a $130.9 million satellite constellation contract for an undisclosed client. The company has received an authorization-to-proceed contract from the customer, allowing them to begin engineering and programmatic activities, as well as the procurement of long-lead items.

The satellite constellation project is estimated to be worth a minimum of $750 million. It is expected to include at least 36 MDA software-defined digital satellites, which is a new product offering recently introduced by the company. MDA will serve as the prime contractor for the full constellation and anticipates finalizing the definitive contract by 2024.

This project marks an important milestone for MDA, as they continue to expand their presence in the satellite industry. The company’s expertise in robotics, satellite systems, and geointelligence positions them well to deliver innovative solutions for their clients’ needs.

With the implementation of this satellite constellation, MDA aims to enhance communication and data connectivity capabilities for the undisclosed client. The constellation will be placed in a non-geostationary orbit, enabling improved coverage and flexibility for various applications, including communication networks, remote sensing, and Earth observation.

MDA’s work on this project highlights the growing demand for satellite services and their vital role in expanding global connectivity. As technology advances and the need for data transmission increases, satellite constellations offer a scalable solution to meet these demands efficiently and effectively.

As MDA progresses with this contract, they are well-positioned to strengthen their position in the satellite industry and showcase their capabilities in delivering robust and reliable satellite systems.