Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Maxar Space Systems Successfully Hands Over Operations of Largest Commercial Communications Satellite

Maxar Space Systems announced today that it has successfully handed over operations of the JUPITERâ„¢ 3 satellite, the largest commercial communications satellite ever manufactured. The satellite, also known as EchoStar XXIV, was built in Maxar’s Palo Alto facility in Northern California.

The JUPITER 3 satellite is an ultra-high-density spacecraft that joins the Hughes JUPITER fleet, which already includes two other Maxar-built satellites. It features 14 solar panels that, when fully deployed, could span a 10-story building.

This groundbreaking satellite showcases cutting-edge advancements in communication satellite design and functionality. It incorporates industry-leading Q- and V-band gateway feeder links, as well as miniaturized, solid-state electronics, which demonstrate Maxar’s pioneering spirit in pushing the boundaries of space technology.

With a launch mass of 9 metric tons, the JUPITER 3 satellite is significantly larger than conventional satellites. Its impressive scale, along with its expansive solar panels, highlights the magnitude of this spacecraft.

Maxar Space Systems CEO, Chris Johnson, emphasized that the Maxar 1300â„¢ platform used for JUPITER 3 is versatile and ideal for a variety of high-bandwidth communications missions, including deep space missions like NASA’s PPE program.

Maxar Space Systems is a leading provider of comprehensive space technologies, delivering innovative solutions to government and commercial customers. With more than 60 years of experience, Maxar is a trusted partner in missions that require deep mission understanding, reliable performance, and longevity.

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