Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Philippines Seeks Partnership with Starlink for Improved Connectivity

The Philippines is aiming to collaborate with Elon Musk’s internet service provider, Starlink, in order to enhance connectivity throughout the country. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. made this announcement during a meeting with Filipino community members in Los Angeles, California. He expressed the country’s ideal landscape for a satellite broadband service like Starlink, highlighting the potential benefits it could bring to the archipelago’s connectivity.

President Marcos acknowledged the existing issue of poor internet connection in the country. However, he expressed confidence that this situation would change as a result of the connections formed during his US trip. He stated that he anticipates the country to receive praises rather than complaints about internet speed and online services.

The Marcos administration has consistently prioritized digitalization as a key development for the Philippines. President Marcos urged Filipinos to embrace technology, emphasizing its capability to bridge difficult gaps.

Starlink officially became available in the Philippines in February, approximately a year after receiving government approval to operate as a value-added service provider in the country. The partnership with Starlink represents a significant step forward in the goal of improving internet connectivity and advancing technological infrastructure in the Philippines.