Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Satellite Spectrum Management Made Easier with Magnestar’s 24/7x Software Platform

Satellites rely on the radio frequency spectrum to communicate with each other and ground stations on Earth. However, as more satellites are launched into orbit, the finite resource of spectrum becomes prone to interference. This concern has prompted satellite operators to coordinate with one another and enter into agreements to limit interference. Yet, coordinating between multiple operators and tracking these agreements over time is a costly and time-consuming process.

Magnestar, a startup founded by Jacqueline Good, aims to simplify satellite spectrum management with their software platform called 24/7x. The platform conducts interference simulations, runs specific calculations like signal-to-noise ratio, and ensures a clean radio frequency (RF) environment. Embedded in a peer-to-peer operator sandbox, it enables direct coordination between operators in a standardized and autonomous way.

The technology offers significant improvements over existing tools, allowing for 10 times the number of simulations. It also catalogues coordination agreements, helping companies manage and adhere to them. While 24/7x does not increase the availability of spectrum, it enhances coordination, enabling companies to dynamically share spectrum, potentially through exchange-type markets.

Good, previously working in data strategy and product management, ventured into space entrepreneurship driven by her passion for the industry. She applied to the International Space University, received funding from the European Space Agency, and completed the British accelerator Entrepreneur First. Through her network, she discovered that signal interference and post-coordination monitoring were major bottlenecks for satellite operators.

Magnestar currently employs eight people and raised a $1.1 million pre-seed round. They are conducting beta testing and planning to launch an early adopter program in February 2024. The long-term vision is to have 24/7x as the industry-wide standard for interference management, with hundreds or thousands of users regularly employing the technology.

As the number of satellites in space continues to grow, reaching over 100,000, the need to address signal interference and collisions in real time becomes paramount. Magnestar aims to be at the forefront of solving this industry challenge.