Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
lyntia and Vyntelligence Collaborate to Enhance Fibre Network Deployment in Spain

lyntia, a leading telecommunications service provider in Spain, has partnered with Vyntelligence to create a unique collaboration platform that improves the deployment processes of the fibre network in the country. This innovative solution enables intelligent interactions between lyntia, its fibre deployment partners, auditors, and contractors, resulting in a superior customer experience with faster delivery and high standards of quality and security.

The initial results of this collaboration have led to a more agile installation process, reducing the quality control process by 33% for customers awaiting new broadband connections. These advancements highlight lyntia’s commitment to providing robust coverage in Spain through digitalization initiatives.

José Antonio López, CEO of Lyntia Networks, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Vyntelligence, stating that they are reshaping the fibre connectivity landscape and delivering networks with efficiency, quality, and agility. By using the Vyntelligence platform, lyntia is significantly reducing installation times and fostering better collaboration with its supply chain and deployment partners.

Kapil Singhal, co-founder and CEO of Vyntelligence, praised lyntia’s commitment to change and active collaboration, which has resulted in tangible results in a short period of time. Singhal emphasized how they are transforming the way people work and enhancing intelligent collaboration within teams.

The collaboration between lyntia and Vyntelligence has introduced several applications to improve the fibre network deployment process. One example is Vyntelligence’s SmartVideoNotes® Remote Assurance solution, which reduces installation approval time to less than 24 hours, guides contractor teams to complete the job accurately, and automates the approval and delivery process. This solution has increased remote audit coverage by 200%, enhancing the quality and resilience of the network.

Additionally, Vyntelligence’s AI ML-powered Vyn® Contractor Self-Audit solution saves time and costs by providing a faster acceptance process on a larger scale with fewer experts.

Lyntia Networks is a neutral wholesale telecommunications operator with an extensive fibre network covering about 44,000 km. The company offers various connectivity services, including dark fibre, capacity, wholesale FTTH service, VSAT, internet, and co-location. Their optical fibre network connects major cities and serves over 3,200 towns in Spain.

Vyntelligence is a London-based company that accelerates digital transformation in customer and frontline operations. Their video-capture, collaboration, and remote assurance platform enables faster deployments and resolutions through AI/ML-powered technology. Vyntelligence has been delivering significant ROI for global energy, telecom, and utility customers.

For more information about lyntia, visit www.lyntia.com. To learn more about Vyntelligence, visit www.vyntelligence.com.