Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Liquid Dataport and Intelsat Partner to Ensure Business Connectivity During Power Disruptions

Liquid Dataport, the wholesale connectivity arm of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has partnered with satellite services provider Intelsat to enhance the availability of connectivity during power outages. The collaboration between the two companies is focused on introducing Liquid’s ‘service continuity’ to help organizations maintain critical applications in the event of power cuts.

Liquid Dataport offers low-power satellite equipment that runs on solar panels or small generators. This allows businesses to stay connected during periods of load-shedding, particularly in South Africa where these services are already being provided to mitigate the challenges caused by intermittent electricity supply.

David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport, highlights the importance of high-speed connectivity in Africa’s digital transformation. He emphasizes that the collaboration with Intelsat will help bridge the digital divide by enabling businesses to remain connected even during load-shedding hours, thus minimizing the impact of connectivity downtime.

Rhys Morgan, Vice President of EMEA Media and Networks Sales at Intelsat, expresses the company’s support for Liquid Dataport’s efforts in minimizing disruptions caused by load-shedding in South African businesses. He explains that the partnership aims to provide “service continuity” to ensure business connectivity during load-shedding incidents. This will involve satellite links to keep businesses on the communications grid, enabling them to continue operations such as point of sales, security, and internet connectivity.

The collaboration between Liquid Dataport and Intelsat comes at a time when power disruptions have been a major obstacle to Africa’s digital economy. By ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses, the partnership seeks to contribute to the continent’s digital transformation and help overcome the challenges posed by intermittent electricity supply.