Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
XL Axiata Subsidiary Shares Thoughts on Starlink’s Entry into Indonesia

PT Link Net Tbk (LINK), a subsidiary of PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL), expressed no concern about the potential entry of Elon Musk’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite, Starlink, into Indonesia.

According to LINK’s Chief Marketing Officer, Santiwati Basuki, based on her personal income estimation, any telecommunications operator can enter Indonesia due to its large market share. Additionally, she mentioned that fixed broadband penetration in the country is still relatively low, currently only at 16%-17%.

Santiwati stated, “So, it will definitely be an attraction for all operators, both local and international, to enter. The question is, which segment they want to target.”

She further explained that if Starlink targets the lower segment, it will certainly compete with existing operators in Indonesia. As for First Media, Santiwati stated that their focus lies with the existing target market, aiming for the middle to upper-class segment.

According to Santiwati, the middle to upper-class segment is not only enticed by affordable services but also values for money. She mentioned that as long as First Media continues to innovate and collaborate, like their partnership with Vidio, they believe it will be accepted by their target market.

Santiwati acknowledged that competition is inevitable in the internet service provider business. She emphasizes the importance of observing the competition in the market and conducting research on customer needs, technology, and services to be provided.

First Media, part of LINK, recently announced a partnership with Vidio to introduce the Vidio Diamond package for First Media customers. This collaboration expands First Media’s customer access to premium entertainment content and sports programming.